Featured Development Projects

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Edtech Platform On Web & Mobile

Expressions is an upcoming English language teaching and certification platform which has specially designed spoken English courses for users comprising school children, home-makers, college students, job aspirants as well as working professionals. The start-up aims to make users fluent and effective in English language communication.


Healthcare Platform On Web & Mobile

India's first e-healthcare platform for all healthcare needs, My Medi Assistant (MMA) provides a reliable and robust platform for patients looking for the healing touch. The idea behind the MMA app has been conceptualized, designed and promoted in association with experienced healthcare experts. 

This platform allows users to take good care of themselves and their loved ones with regards to addressing all kinds of health concerns.


B2B Enterprise Order Booking Platform

Zorabian Chicken is a legacy brand – 37 years of being a family-owned business committed to producing only the finest quality of chicken. From production to processing to distribution.

The new web and the android app-based B2B order bookin platform offers a seamless ordering process to manage sales orders from both the sales team and the channel partners as well as holistic account management platform for Zorabian Trade Partners.


Top-Rated Productivity Mobile App

TROLO is a top-rated, leading free-to-use to-do productivity app on Android and iOS platforms in India. Trolo helps users to improve their daily efficiency through effortless management of tasks. It is a personal digital assistant and to-do planner. Users can use the app’s advanced meeting alerts, GPS location reminders, to-dos and scheduling features to improve effectiveness and practice effective time management. 

Users can even track fitness goals, monitor expenses, and view news at a glance. The app’s Vedic calendar / Panchang feature allows users to check upcoming dates of astrological significance and add them to their calendar.


User Generated Content Selling Marketplace On Web & Mobile

This is a crowd sourcing platform, the marketplace web-portal and mobile apps on Android and iOS have been launched to list and document our unprotected built and natural heritage. While travelling you may see a historical monument, a building, a milestone on the road, or in a field and photograph it.