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Ours is a story of growth and innovation

Incorporated in 2010, Nebula Personalization Tech Solutions Private Limited is a leading Digital Marketing and Technology Company based in Mumbai. Having started our journey as a “Mobile First” Company in 2010 with the launch of products and apps for mobile personalization, we have grown and diversified into a full-service digital company, leveraging new-age technologies and our expertise in digital marketing.

We are led by our Co-Founders Sarita Agarwal and Amit Verma who bring on board more than 40 years of business management, marketing and product development experience between them. They are also active Mentors to aspiring Entrepreneurs and Startups.

Our primary business services 

Digital Marketing: We tell your brand's story utilising Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Lead Generation, SEO, PPC Marketing, Content Creation and Blog Marketing, to create memorable digital experiences and engage your audience.

Mobile and Web Applications Development: We conceptualise, design and develop unique Mobile and Web Applications, E-Commerce Platforms, Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) Platforms and Product-As-A-Service (PAAS) Platforms providing seamless services on web and mobile.

Enterprise SAAS Platform: We have our own Enterprise SAAS Platform, ‘Tangily’ for Event Management Companies. We also provide white-labelled services to agencies in India and other countries.

Why us

At Nebula Personalization Tech Solutions Private Limited, we understand business!

We want you to succeed. We make all efforts to understand your business so we can help you identify and deploy the best and most cost-effective digital marketing solutions.

Our strategic insights, unique design methodology, competitive pricing and high-end development gives us a competitive edge over other companies.

Our cross-functional team of professionals has consolidated experience in the mobile, digital and web industries. Our team comprises specialists in Mobile and Web Design, Mobile Apps Development, Web Apps Development, E-Commerce, Data Analytics, Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC Advertising, Mobile App Marketing, who are always motivated to do best-in-class work. Our business also involves highly skilled external professionals/domain specialists, pre-sales consultants and subcontractors.

The benefit to our clients is hassle-free and quality work with the end-to-end solution delivered on time.

More than a decade of providing value to businesses

We have been creating value for our customers since 2010, as a strategic innovations partner for some of the world’s leading companies, small and medium enterprises and pioneering start-ups. At Nebula, we work as an extension of your business success team. We consider ourselves resourceful collaborators and development partners who connect with our clients to grow each project together, empowering innovators and disruptors by leveraging web and mobile technologies.


We work with large enterprises and startups alike. We tackle each project head-on by starting with a comprehensive client meeting followed by the planning and execution stages. With our understanding of how new technologies are shaping the business landscape, and what enterprises can do to prepare, we are providing strategic consulting to established businesses to help transform their enterprises into digital organizations so that they can be more reactive to customer expectations. Likewise, working closely with young companies and entrepreneurs, we are helping them transform their ideas into viable businesses.

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Our mission

We are devoted to the success of our clients. Our mission is to bring dynamic, innovative and seamlessly integrated digital solutions to make people and companies connect in more meaningful ways in a digital and mobility driven business ecosystem.

We’ve designed our business to be flexible; we know no two business problems are the same. With that in mind, we offer a range of services and engagement models to ensure we have a variety of ways to best serve our clients. Whether you need our help in one specific area or need us to bring all of our capabilities to the table, you can be sure we have the experience, expertise, and flexibility to serve you best.

Our values

  • Customer OrientationBy embracing the relationships we have with our clients, our goal is to enable them with solutions to achieve complete and total success on their ROI.

  • TeamworkMultiplying the success of our clients through collective efforts. We believe that working together as one unit always ensures success as a whole.

  • Professionalism & AccountabilityCombining all our key values as a company and expressing them through our day to day operations towards the collected efforts of our client's success.

  • Transparency: We enable frequent feedback throughout the development process, using collaborative tools for discussions, real-time chat and documentation that allow clients to contribute and follow project status in real-time.

  • IntegrityWe make sure we are delivering what we promised when we promised. This practice also keeps clients involved in shaping their products.

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