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User Generated Content Selling Marketplace On Web & Mobile

This is a crowd sourcing platform, the marketplace web-portal and mobile apps on Android and iOS have been launched to list and document our unprotected built and natural heritage. While travelling you may see a historical monument, a building, a milestone on the road, or in a field and photograph it.

Business Challenges & Objectives

With the rapid decline and destruction of heritage structures and monuments of historical significance, it was felt that there needs to a repository of content that is contributed by travelers and visitors to places of significance. To incentivize the user for ducmentation, the option to sell such images on the platform was also needed.

Our Solution

Some Key Features:

The user can take photographs and after uploading the photos fill the details in the app or one can add to the list by just uploading the photo, naming the structure and filling in the address. If one doesn’t have the address, the app which is GPS enabled will add the location automatically. 

You can search for heritage structures as per locality and generate heritage lists. The website will also guide you on information related to heritage conservation.

Now you can upload the photo with the app and share it with thousands of others. A photograph you may have taken may be an undocumented heritage structure. By sharing it, you will add a missing piece to the database of our national heritage.

Project Gallery

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