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Edtech Platform On Web & Mobile

Expressions is an upcoming English language teaching and certification platform which has specially designed spoken English courses for users comprising school children, home-makers, college students, job aspirants as well as working professionals. The start-up aims to make users fluent and effective in English language communication.

Business Challenges & Objectives

Our client, Expressions Learning Resources Private Limited, a start-up, wanted to launch an e-learning and certifications digital platform on web and mobile for business and retail users, whereby consumers will be able to learn and improve upon written and verbal English language.

Project requirements:

  • Web portal with admin dashboard whereby admin can manage the entire website, including products, billing & invoicing, webpages and content,

  • User management: Users can sign-up, select and buy courses, submit assignments, check results and obtain certification,

  • Video Management: Admin can add paid video courses, add lectures / chapters, mock tests and results,

  • Enterprise Module: Admins of any enterprise can register on the platform and avail subscription package for their employees.

  • Separate dashboard for each corporate admin

  • Android mobile app with separate logins for enterprise and retail users.

Our Solution

Nebula has designed and developed a custom, cloud-based platform with seamless user experience on web and mobile for both enterprise and retail users.

Business to Business (B2B) Platform: This solution for corporate clients will offer administration, lesson management and client administration modules, such modules will be offered for English language teaching to corporate clientele. Each enterprise client will be able to provide his employees the mobile application for learning. This comprises:

  • Web Dashboards: Corporate Admin, Expressions Super Admin and Sub-Admin

  • Mobile App: Corporate Employees

Some unique features:

  1. Expressions signs up a Client.

  2. HR, acting as a Company Administrator, uploads a list of participating employees. This is dynamic as the Company can keep adding Employees in a batch or in a single mode.

  3. Expressions Super Admin accesses that list and generates a set of Log-in Ids and Passwords for each Employee.

  4. Log-in Ids and Password are sent directly to the students along with an OTP.

  5. A go-live date is announced through the platform.

  6. From that date, the course content - Lesson Videos, Answer-Sheets and Assessment tests become accessible to each Employee. The functionalities in the online module will be similar to those in the mobile application. This will be available both on computers and on smart phones.

  7. A First Assessment Test is announced in the system.

  8. Post the test date, the Super Admin generates a report covering each student's video viewing time, section wise test scores to the Admin of the client.

  9. Super Admin sends that report to the Corporate Admin and the Employees both.

  10. Same process continues till the end of the course. Thus, there is a full audit trail of participants on an end to end basis.

Business to Business (B2C) platform: This comprises

  • Web Dashboards: Expressions Super Admin

  • Mobile App: Students / Retail Customers

Some unique features:

  1. The opening page will have different categorizations like: Senior Professionals, Housewives, Parents wanting to converse with students / children.

  2. There will be free videos, sessions that anyone can access to get a look and feel of the course content.

  3. The Student selects and pays for one of the courses, this will be enabled through the payment gateway integration (Pay U); and Nebula would hand hold us for the initial interaction with the providers.

  4. The videos are displayed along with answer sheets and assessment test.

  5. Each student will have a wall wherein he/she can upload photos or write upto 250 words for doubt clearance. In Phase 1, this remains a one on one communication with student and Expressions back end.

  6. After the assessment test a new chapter is opened for students, in case of two failed attempts the new chapter automatically opens up.

  7. At predefined milestones, the student gets a mid-course assessment.

  8. After mid-course assessment test a new chapter is opened for a student (conditions same as Point No 6). After all the lessons the student gets a Post Assessment test.

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