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B2B Enterprise Order Booking Platform

Zorabian Chicken is a legacy brand – 37 years of being a family-owned business committed to producing only the finest quality of chicken. From production to processing to distribution. The new web and the android app-based B2B order bookin platform offers a seamless ordering process to manage sales orders from both the sales team and the channel partners as well as holistic account management platform for Zorabian Trade Partners.

Business Challenges & Objectives

The challenge for the company was to streamline the order booking process spread across two different group companies, integrating sales teams, back-office teams, trade partners, company owned delivery teams and production facilities while having a platform that can be easily scaled up.

Our Solution

The solution was designed and developed by Nebula, and successfully launched. This order booking platform now allows the Zorabian team to process a huge magnitude of B2B orders and process the same at a fraction of the time taken earlier. 

Trade partners can place orders, avail offers and see outstanding of the group companies and have the option of online payment. 

Order deliveries can be tracked on map in real-time by the trade partners. While the delivery teams get accurate information of the deliveries to be made with in-built route planning as per the day of the week.

This solution is designed to be future scalable, and can currently process thousands of order requests on a monthly basis. 

The app also intelligently tracks sales vs target achievments for the entire sales force. 

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