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Healthcare Platform On Web & Mobile

India's first e-healthcare platform for all healthcare needs, My Medi Assistant (MMA) provides a reliable and robust platform for patients looking for the healing touch. The idea behind the MMA app has been conceptualized, designed and promoted in association with experienced healthcare experts. This platform allows users to take good care of themselves and their loved ones with regards to addressing all kinds of health concerns.

Business Challenges & Objectives

Our Client a leading business house in India, wanted to launch a mobile app and web portal based healthcare services business on cloud, for the Indian market. The service offering had to serve both the B2B and B2C sectors.

Additionally, the service providers such as doctors, nurses, healthcare providers and institutional sectors such as diagnostics laboratories should be able to manage all important business functions through the mobile app and/or web portal. 

The various diagnostic labs should also be able to register their services and packages through the mobile app by sending a request to admin.

B2C Requirements:

Using this platform, a patient should be able to avail all healthcare services for himself and his family, particularly the elderly, from getting online consultancy from expert doctors to booking lab tests, from getting doctors to medical attendants and care-givers to visit the premises in his city or at any other location across India, anytime and from the convenience of his home or office.

Patient should also be able to maintain all his medical records and prescriptions online. Likewise, the consulting doctor should be able to access the treatment plan prescribed by her and monitor patient’s dosage consumption.

B2B Requirements:

A hassle-free solution for the corporate sector whereby an Indian company, of any size, should be able to provide healthcare services to its employees, without the hassle of having to tie-up with various hospitals or labs. The company should also be able to provide for on-premises medical facility for its employees.

Additionally, the employee should be able to seamlessly book various healthcare services from the comfort of her office and without having to create a new account, incase of job change from one organization to another.

The mobile apps were required for Android, iOS and Windows platform, respectively.

Our Solution

End-to-End Solution Designed and Developed by Nebula: Entire solution has been developed as per the guidelines of Indian Medical Association (IMC) for healthcare service seekers and service providers.

Nebula has developed India's first e-healthcare platform on web and mobile for "all" healthcare services, “My Medi Assistant (MMA)”. MMA provides a reliable and robust platform for both enterprises as well as individual patients looking for healthcare services. This platform is available as a web portal developed in

PHP and native mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, respectively.

Some Unique Features:

  • On-Demand Hyperlocal Solution

  • Native Mobile Applications on Android, iOS and Windows platforms, respectively

  • Separate Dashboards for Patients, Enterprise Login, Doctors, Nurses, Labs, Healthcare Service Providers

  • Custom Web Portal in PHP

  • MySQL Database

  • Integration of Payment Gateway

  • Integration of Online Database with more than one lakh records of Indian Medicines and Lab Tests

  • E-Consultancy

  • Appointment Booking E-Scheduler

  • E-Healthcare Records of Patients with Complete Medical History

  • E-Prescriptions

  • E-Fitness Certificate

  • Dosage Notifications & Reminders

  • Doctor-On-Demand Functionality

  • Online Lab Reports Delivered Directly into Patient’s Dashboard

  • Users Can Book Appointments and Laboratory-based Tests from Home and Office.

  • Remote patient monitoring.

  • Implementation of SSL Certificate on Cloud Server

  • Deployment on AWS Cloud Server.

  • Custom Enterprise Offerings: Unique pricing plans as per the no. of employees registered for healthcare services, Corporates can even include their empanelled doctors within the registered doctors category, each company’s database is unique.

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