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Top-Rated Productivity Mobile App

TROLO, a top-rated, leading free-to-use to-do productivity app on Android and iOS platforms in India. Trolo helps users to improve their daily efficiency through effortless management of tasks. It is a personal digital assistant and to-do planner. Users can use the app’s advanced meeting alerts, GPS location reminders, to-dos and scheduling features to improve effectiveness and practice effective time management. Users can even track fitness goals, monitor expenses, and view news at a glance. The app’s Vedic calendar / Panchang feature allows users to check upcoming dates of astrological significance and add them to their calendar.

Business Challenges & Objectives

Our Client a leading business house in India, wanted to develop and launch a productivity mobile app which would help improve time management and daily productivity. 

Features were to include:

  • To-do tasks

  • Greetings & reminders

  • Meeting planner

  • Notes 

  • Expense management

  • News

  • Panchang

  • Improved UI

  • Advanced journey planner

  • Fitness goals 

  • Financial budgeting

Our Solution

Our solution was to develop TROLO as a digital assistant app for effectively planning and executing daily activities, both professional as well as personal to-dos. It is your Personal Assistant at your fingertips that automatically manages all your schedules by giving Reminders/Alerts at an appropriate time.

The UI and UX was designed to make the user experience efficient and make the user more productive through usage of the app. Users are able to access most functions in three clicks. Features such as News were designed to be customized and users can choose their genre/ category.

We integrated Google Fit and Apple Health Kit within the app so that fitness goals can be added and monitored from the same app. These are just some of the features that were developed. 

The app is highly rated and has consistently featured in the top digital assistant & to-do apps in India on Google Play Store.

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