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The Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2022

Updated: Mar 4, 2022


Predicting the future of digital marketing can be a tricky task. There are new opportunities for marketers that are just emerging right now - VR, AR, voice search, chatbots, are some of these key developments. These innovations will have an impact on how we market our products and services this year and in the future.

Key digital marketing predictions for the year 2022:

  • More people will use voice search to find information online

  • Facebook will continue to dominate social media

  • VR & AR technology will become more affordable and widespread

  • Chatbots are going to be everywhere

  • Voice assistants will become more dominant

  • Personalized content will be king

Let us explore these digital marketing trends for 2022 in greater detail:

Voice Search Smart Speaker Market is Set to Explode

In the last few years, voice search has been making huge strides in terms of user adoption. And it is only going to get better from here on.

In the coming years, the market for voice search smart speakers is expected to grow and take over the world, with Google Home leading the pack. The growing popularity of voice assistants and devices that can do more than just answer inquiries or play music is driving the rise of the voice search smart speaker industry.

Voice search is being driven by a variety of devices, not just smart speakers. Voice search is more mobile than ever before, as anyone with a smartphone knows. Voice search consumers are increasingly looking for local results, according to recent trends. Voice search has helped 58 percent of consumers find local companies in the last year.

This obviously shows that any company wishing to increase inbound traffic to their website should employ Voice SEO in the near future. Here are some tips for optimising your website for voice searches:

How Can You Make Your Website Voice Search Friendly?

It's crucial to use natural language and give direct responses to specific questions.

Rich snippets and schema markup can help search engines better understand searches and responses by keeping them in context.

Because voice search is frequently used for local queries, it's critical for merchants to keep their Google My Business listings and eCommerce stores up to date with accurate operating information.

Remove duplicate pages, outdated contact information, and old operating hours from your content to ensure it is optimised and updated.

The appearance of voice search results is also heavily influenced by domain authority and traditional search rankings.

AI & Machine Learning will Disrupt Online Advertising

The internet has always been a place for advertising. It’s the most inexpensive and accessible medium for businesses to reach out to their potential consumers. And now, with AI and machine learning, online advertising is about to change more than ever before.

AI will be able to process data in an unbiased manner. It will be able to analyse thousands of data points at once while humans would only be able to process one or two at a time. It can also predict user behavior by examining past behavior patterns which is very important for making targeted ads that are more likely to get clicked on rather than being ignored completely.

Companies are already using AI in their marketing strategies, but there are still many more companies that haven’t started using it yet mainly due to lack of knowledge or fear of change.

Marketing automation and personalisation using artificial intelligence is a terrific mix that brings forth a unique level of customization in marketing. With this, firms can gain a substantial edge in the struggle for clients, driving up sales and revenue in the post-pandemic era.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, display advertising, conversion rates, search engine marketing (SEM), keyword research, SEO, social media marketing (SMM), and website analytics can all be automated with AI solutions.

With AI in digital marketing, we can provide users with individualised recommendations, resulting in increased user retention and repeat usage.

Mobile Apps are Becoming More Important Than Ever Before

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important for businesses. The more people use mobile apps, the more people will be using a business’s mobile app. Here are a few tips to rank better in App Store and Google Play Store:

Design an app that is simple and user-friendly. Apps should load quickly and have a clean interface. The app should also have features that users want from your industry or from other apps they use.

Use keywords that people search for when looking for your type of app. Optimize your metadata with keyword phrases to help your app rank better in the search engines.

Apple's ATT and SKAdNetwork will continue to change the mobile marketing industry. Many user acquisition (UA) marketers are still experimenting with the best technique for acquiring new Apple users in the aftermath of ATT. As we learn more about SKAdNetwork, app marketing tactics will continue to grow. Meanwhile you also need to have the fundamentals of App Store Optimization in place so that you can leverage your paid marketing efforts to bring more organic traffic to your app. Marketers should not shy away from experimenting with new channels. App Clips is a great example. In 2022, mobile marketers will be keeping an eye on the long-awaited iOS 15 Product Page Optimization and Custom Product Pages features.

The debut of 5G is another great upcoming possibility. Consumer expectations about the quality of digital products, the utilisation of cloud-based solutions, and the ability to utilise apps across numerous devices are anticipated to hit new highs in 2022 as a result of 5G adoption.

Live Streaming Video & Influencers Are Taking Over Social Media Marketing

The idea of using live streaming video in marketing is not new. It has been around for a while and has grown in recent years. Although you might be wondering which platform is best for your needs, we're here to help.

Live streaming videos are taking over social media marketing because it's the future of content creation and storytelling. They were created with the intention of generating real-time conversations and engagement.

Chatbots are Coming to Your Contact Center

Chatbots are coming to contact centers. Customers expect more and more from their contact center experience and chatbots can do a lot to improve it.

Chatbots offer a new and convenient way of interacting with customer service. The technology allows customers to receive help for anything they need, be it ordering a product, checking on the status of an order, or even paying their bill. Chatbots are also able to handle more complex tasks like providing live technical support remotely or collecting feedback.

Chatbots have so many advantages over humans that it is hard not to see them taking over in the workplace in the future. They can better understand your needs by listening to your voice rather than reading what you wrote - they can potentially read minds! Chatbot assistants are just one of many tools that contact centers will need in 2022.

Other trends to keep an eye on are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), these are the newest digital marketing tools that are being used in different industries. This is due to the rise in the number of people who are adopting these technologies for their daily activities.

Right now, it is possible for brands to create immersive AR content. They can create animated characters with voice-over capability, who introduce products or services in a more interactive manner. There are also companies that have created VR experiences that allow customers to walk through a store or try on products before purchasing them. As more people start using AR and VR, it will be easier for brands to target their audiences through personalized digital experiences.

We’re in the business of predicting the future of digital marketing. And what we see is that the landscape is changing, and it’s changing fast.

In order to get ahead of this change and stay ahead of the competition, you need to be able to get a grasp on how these trends will impact your business in 2022. That’s why we’ve created this list of Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2022.

Complete with our predictions for the year and what they mean for businesses, you can get a jump start on understanding how these trends will affect your company and position yourself for success.


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