Influencer Marketing

Create massive spikes in reach for your brand by using social influencers

70% of Teens Trust Influencers More than Traditional Celebrities

86% of Women Use Social Media for Purchasing Advice

49% of Consumers Depend on Influencer Recommendations

Want to tell your story through the people that matter the most to your audience?

In today’s world, it’s not just about what you say – it’s about who’s saying it.  Influencer marketing strategies involve finding the most powerful people on social media whose audience is relevant to yours and getting them to talk about your brand. By leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing through influential people, you can drive KPIs of all kinds, be it brand awareness, community growth, website traffic or sales.

  • We bring your brand story to life by harnessing the power of authentic connections.

  • We help brands engage with and activate their target audiences worldwide through strategic and creative influencer marketing campaigns.

  • We create the most authentic connection between a brand and an influencer using our unique and longstanding expertise. We then develop and execute these strategies to amplify your brand story at scale.

We’re able to tap into all subcultures & niche categories to make the best possible influencer match for your brand. We are able to tap into every subculture in social media, including niche interests and one-of-a-kind passions:

  • fashion

  • beauty

  • lifestyle

  • travel

  • art & design

  • automative

  • food

  • technology

  • B2B

Google Searches for Influencer Marketing grew 1500% over 3 Years.

Frequently asked questions

Influencer Marketing

Are celebrity endorsements the same as influencer marketing?

Influencers usually have a smaller audience than celebrities, targeting a niche with content that appeals to people with common interests. That said, celebrities are influential, and are often used in conjunction with influencers in campaigns.

How much does an influencer campaign cost?

Each campaign is custom made to suit every client’s needs so it’s difficult to provide a standard pricing sheet. Cost varies across agencies, and will fluctuate based on a number of factors including number of influencers, labor costs, influencer compensation, and extra digital spend to promote the campaign.

Is influencer marketing an affordable option for small brands?

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective solution that brings greater returns than other digital marketing strategies. It’s been proven to outperform banner ads, for example, and is becoming the preferred method for marketing new product launches.

What does an influencer’s audience think about their sponsored content?

People accept sponsored content because there is a level of trust between the influencer and the consumer. Unlike ads, which are paid for by big (and often impersonal) companies, sponsored influencer content is published by someone who is relatable – a real person.