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Social Media Marketing For Leading Healthcare Brand Phonak

Sonova Holding AG is an internationally active Swiss company headquartered in Stäfa that specializes in hearing care solutions. It is one of the largest providers in the sector worldwide. With their brand Phonak, they have shaped the hearing aid industry for more than 70 years with its innovative, state-of-the-art hearing systems and wireless devices. A growing and aging world population as well as personal communication trends offer opportunities for intelligent audio solutions.

Business Challenges & Objectives

Phonak is best placed to take advantage of the emerging Baby Boomer generation globally. Around 700 million people world-wide suffer from different levels of hearing loss …of which around 10% currently use hearing aid devices. 

There is limited awareness about the problem of “hearing loss” and the solutions available to address this issue. Often, “hearing loss” symptoms are ignored by the patients as well as by their family members. Problem prevalent amongst elderly, however, most lack awareness and cannot afford the hearing care products and services on their own. They need help from the family members. Young adults have to be made aware of the signs so they can identify the hearing loss symptoms amongst their elderly dependants.

Adults in the family are the primary influencers who have to encourage their loved ones to take the hearing test on priority basis. Limited awareness about USPs of Phonak hearing solutions, dependent primarily on Audiologists. Customers should be aware and insist on Phonak as the top choice. 

Our Solution

It is estimated that in a population of 1.2 billion, around 65.5 million people are affected by hearing impairment. Improving condition of the economic development of the country and a subsequent increase in the per capita income a greater portion of the Indian population can now afford these healthcare services.

Primary Objectives of the campaign done by Nebula were:

  • Create mass awareness about the signs and impact of ‘hearing loss’ amongst the elderly and about ‘hearing loss with age’.

  • Encourage people to take the ‘Hearing Test’, as a first step while communicating the benefits of hearing aids from Phonak in everyday life, at work, at home and while going out with others.

  • Create awareness about Phonak Audeo Marvel

  • Educate the target audience about the solutions available from Phonak Audio Marvel and create pull for the brand.

  • Reach out to the young adults and family members through ‘emotional’ ads to encourage them to provide hearing care solutions and care for their elderly dependents.

Target audience selected were urban customers living in metros, mini metros and urban centers in India. Educated, middle and upper middle class men and women who are desirous of better quality of life in old age. Young adults who want to take care of their elderly parents and provide them comfort. The ‘audiologists’ as they are the primary hearing care experts and hearing care providers. 

Communication Strategy:

Focus was kept on product level informative and educational content. Slice of life advertising, Did You Know, Questions and Answers. Company related information, key developments, products and solutions. Content that would drive engagement with concepts like "Aji Suntae Ho". Testimonials and success stories. 


The campaign on both Facebook and LinkedIn has been successful in achieving its core objective of driving awareness and enagement on a regular basis.

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