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Search Marketing For Ecommerce Marketplace the marketplace is an Indian platform for buying and selling online Electrical products. It is a one-stop ‘Electrical Ecommerce Service Providers’ providing logistics, account handling, cataloguing support and packaging materials to verified sellers. The eCommerce store has a program called Verified Seller to establish the brand reputation of sellers. This online store also offers attractive discounts and free shipping to Indian customers.

Business Challenges & Objectives

Ecommerce businesses are always looking for new ways to drive traffic to their store. With the rise of Amazon, it's harder than ever to find success in the eCommerce space. You need a marketing strategy that will not only drive traffic to your online store but also convert visitors into customers. 

Clickwik Global Private Limited was not getting any traffic on their website and was facing stiff competition from other well-entrenched eCommerce players in the market. There was also very severe competition from other leading marketplaces which were dominating the SERP results. They approached Nebula Personalization Tech Solutions Private Limited to have a complete SEO review of their eCommerce website and plan a search marketing strategy. wanted Nebula to research keywords relevant to their business on a niche level and those keywords must also have a specific amount of search volume. They also wanted Nebula Personalization Tech Solutions Private Limited to set up and execute a Google Search Ads campaign for the eCommerce marketplace. 

  • The campaign objectives were: 

  • To drive high-quality organic traffic on the e-commerce website 

  • Increase SERP rankings across targeted keywords 

  • Generate leads and enquiries from buyers and sellers through Google

Our Solution

Nebula implemented a search marketing and content development strategy combining Ecommerce SEO and Google Search Advertising for In the starting, we fixed the primary issues which were found at the time of the Technical SEO Audit. Some of these issues were proper robots.txt file placement, sitemap.xml, URL structure, and internal link creation, we conducted an on-page content optimization strategy and made changes on page level like content optimization in terms of keywords density and Page Meta Tags (Meta Title and Meta Description) optimization, Heading tags and more. 

We planned and executed a striking link building campaign for to make an efficient online reputation from third-party websites and to create a decent quality backlink score that would further help the website to get ranked in the top position on Google. 

Our Strategy and Tactics 

A strong ecommerce SEO campaign combining on-page optimization, off-page optimization and technical SEO recommendations Google Search Ads campaign for select product categories Optimized Meta Tags with valuable search phrases from our keyword strategy Improved internal linking to allow link equity to flow from popular informational content to key service pages Off-page submissions to acquire links from prominent industry websites via business profiles, guest blog posts, and local listings 

The Results 

  • Growth in overall Organic sessions 

  • Growth in Users 

  • Exponential growth in Pageviews 

  • Top 1st position Google ranking above competition like Amazon, Flipkart, ABB, Schneider 

  • Generated exponential growth in impressions, orders and inquiries

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