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Top 5 Android App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

With more than 3.04 million apps on the Google Play Store, Android is the most popular mobile operating system globally with 71 per cent market share. In India this market share is even higher at 95 percent. This presents a unique opportunity for startups and businesses to capitalize upon by building apps from social media applications, games, or enterprise mobile apps.

App development trends for 2021

Here are the top Android App development trends we feel you should watch out in 2021

Blockchain Apps

1. Blockchain

Blockchain technology offers decentralized solutions for app creation that improve transparency and eliminate unauthorized access and strong security protocols using intermediates.

The key benefits offered by Blockchain include:

  • It reduces the loss of data

  • Deploys data if there is a network failure for improved results

  • For data encryption, blockchain android apps are more stable and safer

5G Mobile Network and Mobile Apps

2. High Speed 5G Mobile Networks

5G is a game-changing technology that provides more reliable high-speed mobile Internet access, facilitates faster file transfers and supports the transmission of large quantities of data in real-time from scores of connected devices.

Look at some of these key statistics about 5G:

  • 5G data transfer speeds will range from 50 Mbit/s to over 2 Gbit/s

  • 4G networks can exhibit an average latency of 50 milliseconds. 5G assures to slash this to just one millisecond

  • 4G can connect up to 2,000 devices within 1 square kilometer, while 5G can support up to one million devices

New opportunities would open up in real time, enhanced augmented reality and virtual reality based apps. This will also decrease dependence on hardware as apps can run in the cloud leading to powerful new experiences in computing and processing capablities.

AI & Machine Learning Apps

3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Since cloud computing has provided a vast amount of computing resources for any company, it has become easier to create AI models to increase routine procedures or to function. They are used to automate various tasks, including image recognition, natural language processing, or data analytics. The currently trained neural network can be developed and efficiently used on smart devices without consuming the processor.

Internet of things, IOT Apps

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

With reduced prices, smart gadgets are becoming cost-effective for households. It is expected that there will be 75.44 billion connected gadgets globally by 2025 and cost-effectiveness is one of the drivers of this android app development trend.

On-demand Apps

5. On-demand Apps

Android apps are popular for customer support and experience enhancement. On-demand application is a rising trend in app development and is expected to lead the development of the android apps in 2021. These applications can quickly and comfortably perform everyday tasks.

On-demand apps are designed for many uses, such as wellness, fashion, food, retail and food. You will determine user locations and provide the services you need. These on-demand applications allow customers to obtain instant services.

In Conclusion

If you are looking forward to building an Android app, considering the above-mentioned trends, these will certainly help increase the ROI for your company.


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