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5 Digital Products to Boost Communication With Colleagues While Working From Home

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Remote work is no longer just an option, but rather a norm, because of the rapid outbreak of the #coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, the corporate community is forced to be together in times of global crisis. Many companies have agreed to give back and provide huge discounts, exclusive offers and free access to their software for other companies that are struggling in this transition financially.

Many teams have had to start operating remotely because of the pandemic outbreak. Having the right tools to help the operation, maintaining smooth communication and being productive when working from home can be a challenge. Below are the free to use tools to promote collaboration and more efficient work with colleagues.

  1. Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse: A simple feedback tool to assess employees’ experience with remote work due to COVID-19. Main features: Attitude and productivity measurements, built-in assessment and analytics. Deal: Free.

  2. Jamm: An audio-visual communication software used by remote teams. Main Features: Whiteboarding, screen sharing, recording videos. Deal: Free.

  3. Loom: A screencasting software available via Chrome extension or a desktop app. Main features: HD screen recording, basic editing (trim), multiple sharing/saving options. Deal: Unlimited recordings on free plan / 50% off Loom Pro / 30 days Free Loom Pro trial.

  4. Flock: A team communication app and online collaboration platform. Main features: Customizable channels, video calls, mailing list management. Deal: Free Flock Pro plan until August 2020.

  5. YAC: A voice messaging platform for remote teams. Main features: AI-driven Audio Transcription, Unlimited Team Size, Integrations. Deal: Free for 3 months.

We hope you and your team can make the most of these resources during the COVID-19 crisis. Good luck!

If you want to develop a customized solution on web and mobile to streamline your business operations, we’d love to hear about your challenges and ambitions. Let's work together.


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