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4 Tips to Amp Up Your Digital Marketing During Covid-19

Here are four best ways in crisis-time, and especially during COVID 19, to firm up your digital marketing plan.

Conduct a Site Review

Make sure that the company name, what you offer and the value your business can bring are included on your website. Your website should help you maintain a continuous relationship with your customers in order to build trust and influence their buying decisions. It should also boost the brand and boost total profit.

Quick, clean and easy to understand web pages should be. Don't search details for customers. Write short paragraphs and use headlines and bullet points.

Share Important Customer Notifications

Create a landing page or statement for inclusion on your website during COVID-19. To buy, communicate or function in some other way, use pop-ups for signups and prompt website users. If they fill out a questionnaire or buy something from you, be straightforward about what is going to happen.

Use consistent branding across all channels

When things change, be proactive about your communication and prepare for updating data. This is a chance to lead the business through a crisis. Send emails, schedule updates on social media and suggest live-streaming. Your audience is searching for your brand to take action.

71 percent of individuals would leave a brand they view as putting money before people, according to Edelman 2020. Don't try to rely on the current situation to capitalise. Show empathy and connect through initiatives in the community.

Embrace innovation in communication

There is a chance to test out a new marketing plan, even during a crisis. Look at Facebook Live, vlogging on YouTube, and ads on TikTok, AMA on Reddit. You may try webinars and podcasts online as well. Choose where your clients are most likely to be and concentrate your marketing efforts there.

With strategic content like media placements, testimonials, awards and memberships, build your reputation online. Let customers see what you do, how you do it, and where you have achieved. Focus on these four tips:

  • Create an FAQ with common questions answered in one place.

  • Become efficient in your day-to-day messaging.

  • Let your brand shine.

  • Boost your SEO ranking.

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