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Top Trends And Statistics Of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Impact On Mobile App Usage

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) continued to spread across the globe with the number of cases already surpassing 1Million. This has translated into a global increase in mobile app usage (sessions) and installs. Among verticals that have taken an aggressive user acquisition approach since week 1, we see increases in non-organic installs in:

  • Education (+66%)

  • Media Streaming (+90%)

  • Health & Fitness (+78%)

  • Midcore Gaming (+52%)

  • Hardcore Gaming (+28%)

  • Social Casino (+40%).

Coronavirus Impact On Mobile App Usage
Photo by Anna Shvets

Let's talk money

Many verticals have also seen a revenue uplift since week 3, in particular:

  • Media Streaming (+162%)

  • Music (+65%)

  • Health & Fitness (+49%)

In Shopping, we can see a 10% rise this week after a drop two weeks ago.

Credit: Appflyer (Global Data)

Media Streaming is leading the way with revenue up 200% since week 3, while non-organic installs increased by 77%; other apps seeing an increase were Education, which grew since week 3 with revenue climbing 94%, News (+162% revenue, +62% in non-organic installs), Music (+40% revenue), and Social (+26% revenue, +32% organic installs).

There has been a significant drop in revenue in the past month, largely due to Finance and Shopping apps. Under lockdown, only essential supplies can be ordered and delivered. Most Finance apps give out loans, and since people aren’t working, payback is a real concern, leading to a stop in service.

Fintech App Usage Data
Credit: Appflyer (India Fintech Apps Data)
Impact of Coronavirus on Edtech Apps
Credit: Appflyer (India Edtech Apps Data)
Impact of coronavirus on mobile apps
Credit: Appflyer (India News Apps Data)

What will 2020 look like for mobile apps? As people stay home, they turn to their mobile phones to perform multiple activities, which presents an opportunity for many verticals.

In these challenging times, we at Nebula, hope to empower app marketers to help them make smarter decisions. 

impact of coronavirus on mobile apps
Photo by Anna Shvets

How can we help you? We’d love to hear about your challenges and ambitions. Let's work together.


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