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Diwali 2021 Kills Economic Slowdown in India with 16.8 Billion dollars Sales

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The Indian economy was going through a pandemic induced rough patch and many people didn’t see it coming. But Diwali 2021 came and put India back on the map with a bang. Diwali-2021 has given fresh hope to India following a year of subdued Diwali celebrations because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you know, Diwali is an important festival for Indians, where everyone celebrates the victory of light over darkness. Revellers flocked to shops for festive shopping this year, generating 16.8 Billion Dollars in revenue. According to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), this year’s Diwali sales beat the earlier ten-year record.

This outburst of celebration had many people surprised because they didn’t expect economic growth so soon after covid-19 induced slowdown which lead to negative GDP growth. But the numbers tell us another story altogether. The Indian economy expanded at a record 20.1% year-on-year in Q2 2021, slightly higher than market forecasts of 20%, amid a low base effect from last year and despite a second wave of covid-19 infections and localised lockdowns.

We will explore the impact of digital marketing on this success. With the help of digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube companies used various social media channels to promote their products and services showing impressive sales numbers. These digital channels have played a big role in India’s economy growth in their own way. With brands coming up with successful digital marketing strategies, Diwali 2021 turned out to be a successful one for India.

Digital platforms have made it easy for people to do their shopping. All the digital marketplaces are competing to offer the best deals. Many of these online stores are offering discounts and cashback on various products. There are some sites which will help you find the best deals on various products, based on your needs and preferences. So, if you have been looking to buy a new television or a laptop but don’t know which one is better, these sites can help you a lot in making a good choice. And this is where a good Search Engine Optimization strategy mixed with an efficient Pay Per Click campaign really pays off.

Digital marketing is the one thing that makes it possible for companies, brands, and products to reach out to its audience in a way that was never possible before. It is now being used as a tool for businesses to generate additional revenue during the festive season. Marketing during the festive season was not only about the discounts and offers given by different brands, but it also included hosting events, social media campaigns, and contests. Digital marketing plays a significant role in all these activities.

While the festive season in India was a great time to grow your business and make more profit. Digital marketing can help you reach out to your buyer and build a strong brand identity and establish a loyal customer base during non-festive or non-season times when traditionally sales are lean, that is when you can use a consolidation oriented digital marketing strategy to take advantage of lower acquisition costs and build awareness in a cost effective manner.


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