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Mobile App Marketing For Leading Productivity App

TROLO, a leading free-to-use to-do productivity app on Android and iOS platforms in India. Trolo helps users to improve their daily efficiency through effortless management of tasks. It is a personal digital assistant and to-do planner. Users can use the app’s advanced meeting alerts, GPS location reminders, to-dos and scheduling features to improve effectiveness and practice effective time management. Users can even track fitness goals, monitor expenses, and view news at a glance. The app’s Vedic calendar / Panchang feature allows users to check upcoming dates of astrological significance and add them to their calendar.

Business Challenges & Objectives

TROLO mobile app was launched in March 2019 on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, even after three months of its launch, the app had negligible downloads and hardly any registered users. While India was the world’s fastest growing market for mobile applications, TROLO had merely 500 app installs and most of the users had already un-installed the app after downloading it as they could not understand the value proposition. However, other apps in similar category continued to grow and expand their user base.

There was limited to no awareness of the app. There were two-pronged challenges facing the marketing team: competition with other apps on the app stores and competition for people’s attention and engagement with the apps on their smartphones. 

There was intense competition from other popular Personal Assistant apps, such as Google Assistant, Aamzon’s Alexa and other to-do list apps. 

The objective was to increase reach, create awareness and drive installs for the mobile app with a minimum of 10,000 downloads across both app stores.

Our Solution

Nebula implemented a multi-pronged aggressive digital marketing strategy for the mobile app, leveraging Social Media Marketing, App Store Optimization, App Install Campaigns, Video Marketing and Online Press Releases to generate awareness among masses at large and drive app installs.

As part of the solution proposed by us, we also recommended re-launching the app in a new ‘avatar’ with new features.

Our app promotion digital marketing strategy focused upon app install and brand advocacy campaigns. 

Some key aspects:

  • Revamped the app with a completely new UI and UX

  • Introduced new user-friendly features, augmenting the app’s proposition

  • Re-launched the mobile app as a ‘To-Do Productivity App’ on both the app stores

  • Social media marketing strategy across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter focused upon communicating the benefits of the mobile app in everyday life of the TG, at work, at home, while traveling and while out on social occasions

  • Composed and shared the app’s story through a mix of beautifully crafted image and short video ads

  • Connected and engaged with diverse audience segments through a mix of ‘functional and emotional ads’ to differentiate the app from other similar apps in the category

  • ‘Moment Marketing’ to give the brand relevant and contemporary

  • 2D animation product explainer videos to promote the unique features of the app

  • Data and insights driven app store optimization to increase TROLO’s visibility and boost app downloads

  • App promotion campaigns on Play Store and Apple Store

  • Regular update of the app stores content with new images and text

  • Aggressive online press releases to increase coverage of TROLO mobile app.

This multi-pronged app marketing strategy has been hugely successful. The improvement in app’s visibility and awareness has had a direct positive impact on app installs and app usage. As of now, TROLO mobile app has more than 57,000 downloads across both app stores with positive user reviews and increased app store visibility. There are more than 15,000 registered users of the app.

The app is ranked amongst the Top 5 digital assistant app on Play Store in India. The marketing team has won widespread appreciation and are the proud winners for the “Innovation of the Year” Award.

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